From October to December 2023, the unique Bedroom Collection of DE JUUL Interior Design can be admired (and purchased) exclusively at Island Gallery; the new art & design hotspot in The Hague! Galerista Mascha Ekkel curated this collection specifically for 'EXPO NO.3 – THE ONE FOR THE ROYALS – Three cheers to monarchies & dynasties’.

A centre staged royal bedroom

Bedroom Collection Binge that has been given centre stage as a masterpiece at Island Gallery, is inspired by the bedrooms in the Netflix show The Crown. The sumptuous, richly decorated large rooms in the series have at least a chamber screen and dressing table, at which the royals in their dressing gowns would get themselves ready for the day ahead. Juliëtte designed the collection at the request of DecoLegno. Modern sheet materials were given a traditional look and made into individual decorative furniture pieces instead of solid wardrobe walls.
The result is characterised by the use of curved shapes and soft hues. The marble top is given interest by small drawer blocks, that are emphasized through elegant lines of contrasting material. The brass mirror triptych is inlayed in the curved sheet material. The screen is an immediate eye-catcher due to its striking peach colour and round openings on top.
Restrained and colourful at the same time, traditional and modern, and through the addition of special fabrics, for instance for the ottoman - which by the way can also be seen in Netflix series The Queens Gambit - and the dressing gown of jacquard curtain fabric, also very soft and luxurious.

A passion for the history of interiors

In addition to this Bedroom Collection, the bedroom items have been supplemented by Juliëtte with an Art Deco screen and a series of mini headboards. Her inspiration for this collection originated from her passion for the history of interiors. Brought up with flowery decors and longing for Bauhaus minimalism, she increasingly finds a happy medium which is best translated into the French Art Deco of the nineteen twenties.

The basis is inspired by her love for technique and design classics from the past. Recently, the Gunta Stölzl wall hanging was introduced with a new look as furniture fabric by Italian fabric supplier Dedar. This fabric has an inimitable pattern; a colourful collection of weaving techniques that jointly form one fabric in shades of dark blue, cream and red. When she saw the material, it was clear to Juliëtte that it had to be exhibited on the wall again as a work of art. But how? This also applied to two other fabrics and the QB Wall wallpaper by Dedar. They all needed a stage as works of art.

For the past and the present

The richly decorated bedrooms in costume dramas, but also for instance in English country houses continue to be a great source of inspiration for the designer in Juliëtte, who is exasperated by the uninspiring and functional decorating style of Dutch bedrooms. Therefor, she designed the mini headboards.
These fabrics were framed in a colourful border with references to Art Deco. This makes it an art work
than can be hung on the wall, but in an enlarged version would also work perfectly well as a headboard in an Art Deco interior in the past and present.

The linear pattern and the cascading blocks of the screen in combination with the linen wallpaper become one Art Deco entity. An art object to place separately in the interior. It refers to the nineteen twenties, but is also very contemporary due to the coated and flat finish. By extending the range of bedroom furniture, Juliëtte returns interior decoration to the bedroom, and gives classics from long gone eras a spotlight within a contemporary design, underlining her fascination for the bedroom and her unique design style.

Exposition 'THE ONE FOR THE ROYAL' runs until the end of December 2023 at Island Gallery, Gedempte
Gracht 9 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Island Gallery