Under the glass roof of the striking industrial and award-winning building in which Island Gallery is located, which offers a spectacular view of the ever-changing and typically Dutch skies that have inspired so many painters and photographers over the centuries, Peter Merceij’s long-cherished dream becomes a reality.

As if it were a tribute, Peter gives shape to the idea that he conceived thirty years ago together with his then employer and Iceland fanatic Olav Fekkes, but which until now has not been implemented.

“I have been active in the photo industry for 44 years and met many photographers and artists. There is no better place than this, with a 350m2 surface, spread over no less than 3 floors in the center of The Hague, where I can now represent them and where we can propagate 'premium Dutch Art & Design' by means of careful curation and present it in a stylish way to an internationally acclaimed audience.”

Throughout the year, Island Gallery alternately shows ‘premium Dutch Art & Design’; modern, unique, limited and custom made pieces for global interiors, made in Holland by ‘New Age Dutch Masters’.

Island Gallery