Would you like to try out some art? We give you the opportunity for a free, non-binding trial. You can then experience how the work of art comes into its own in your home, business or garden. If you cannot transport the work of art yourself, we can also deliver it to you. You can loan it for a few days on sight, without cost or obligation in the Netherlands.




Privately enjoy art & design at Island Gallery! Come with friends (max of 6 people) or on your own, and discuss with us your art taste. Let us gratuisously entertain you with our hospitality and knowledge, and guide you through our collection, made by our DreamTeam of Dutch artists.




Are you an interior professional with a passion for art and design? Do you have clients who like to add 'soul' into their homes? Treat yourselves with a private appointment in our gallery, let us help you select the perfect objects for your client, let yourself be unburdened with regard to transport and installation, ánd enjoy your financial benefits of our Trade Program.

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Investing in art offers you added value in various ways. Of course because of the beauty of the art itself and the fun of collecting an art collection, but also because of tax advantages.
This mainly concerns the exemption from the 1.2% income tax in box 3 and various facilities in the context of inheritance and gift tax.

The average capital (wherever it is located in the world) of a resident taxpayer is taxed annually at a rate of 1.2% in box 3 with income tax. However, for objects of art and science, which due to their uniqueness, age or design are worth preserving for posterity, there is an exemption from this 1.2% income tax. The exemption applies if you hang or have the work of art (from painting to Chinese porcelain) on your wall at home, but also if you temporarily loan the work of art to third parties (for example a museum) for cultural or scientific purposes. the exemption is not jeopardized.
However, if you mainly see the purchased art object as an investment by not hanging the art at home, but, for example, continuously storing it in a safe (to prevent damage), you run the risk that the tax authorities will state that the art object must be taxed. are regarded as an investment to which the 1.2% capital gains tax does apply.

If you buy art from your company, it is tax deductible, just like renting. The purchase costs of art are then simply costs of furnishing an office, just like a nice desk lamp. Of course, the company must be able to reasonably explain that they are business expenses.

Island Gallery can help you acquire works of art that can be expected to increase in value over the years. Feel free to contact us and check the possibilities.

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