Recently, the prestigious Altaroma took place again and none other than jewelry couturiers Eduardo and Imelda Liem from Baroqco, whom we exclusively represent in the Netherlands with their Art Bijoux, rocked the floor with 'PARADOX' on the runway during the prestigious Closure Show 'Romance Glamour'.

Altaroma for sustainable fashion

The Altaroma platform is the driving force behind 'emerging Italian fashion' through its scouting work for young talents, to whom they offer relevant projects, knowledge and promotional showcases. The shows also point out how sustainability positively influences the future of Italian fashion. With this, Altaroma draws specific attention to the importance of pure craftsmanship. In addition to representing one of the core values ​​of 'Made in Italy', 'unique craft' - or couture - produces a smaller amount of items than 'fast fashion', with a higher quality, resulting in less waste.

The new assembled collection PARADOX

Baroqco has been associated with Altaroma since 2019. During the 2023 Closure Show 'Romance Glamour', Baroqco showed, among other things, the 'Choker Mask', which has been part of the Island Gallery collection since December 1 and was presented live during EXPO NO. 1 – THE ONE WITH THE SPARKLES – A tribute to Swarovski.
As with Altaroma, craftsmanship is also one of Island Gallery's core values, and the basis of the carefully curated collection. The unique choker from Baroqco is designed by Eduardo himself, handmade and decorated with rare Swarovski crystals.

The Paradox collection is based on events surrounding Covid. Where we thought that we would end up in a very negative spiral due to global lockdowns, a lot of beautiful things have also happened. Nature recovered. People helped each other. We turned out to be able to put aside our principles and to achieve something as great as 'inner peace'! Baroqco also switched to 'positive' and developed a pret a porter collection in addition to couture, so that a Baroqco jewel is now accessible to several people on this globe.

About Baroqco

It was during the preparations for their wedding that Imelda and Eduardo Liem arrived in Paris walked through Place Vendôme and unexpectedly fell in love with the beautiful jewelry that were shown there. This created a strong desire for that powerful, creative energy express and share with the world. BAROQCO was born. They decided - instead of buying jewelry - to develop jewelry and collections themselves. To this day, they bring the feeling of Paris to life in every new design. BAROQCO's collections are now internationally embraced by celebrities, high-end fashion labels and leading media.

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