Island Gallery opens EXPO NO.2 - THE ONE WITH THE FLOWERS - An ode to floral culture

After the successful and high-profile EXPO NO.1 - THE ONE WITH THE SPARKLES - A tribute to Swarovski, which was held from December '22 until March '23, Island Gallery opened EXPO NO.2 - THE ONE WITH THE FLOWERS - An ode to floral culture on May 7th '23. For this Spring / Summer expo, actually 5 new artists entered the unique portfolio, which now consists of no less than 30 Dutch artists and designers! Together, and with all floral works curated by Gallery Manager Mascha Ekkel included, they bring an ode to the world famous Dutch floral culture and the rich heritage of floral art.
This expo's affiche is called La Belle Epoque, a colorful photo made by Gert Kist, which refers to the good years, wherein art and flowers flourished. Island Gallery's special feature - the so called 'floating floor' - now refers to Keukenhof, where the Dutch floral culture originates.

New Partner Regina Floral Feelings

Island Gallery is supported by several partners, like Solid Nature, PMP Furniture and Genesis Product Development. We are happy to inform you that in Regina Floral Feelings, situated in The Hague, we found ourselves a new, valuable partner. For more than 70 years 'nature' has been the starting point for their beautiful craft. Based on their love for that, they translate people's wishes and emotions in the field of flowers, greenery and interior styling on a daily basis from out their authentic shops in the centre of The Hague.
Regina Floral Feelings is leading in the Netherlands in the field of artificial flowers and plants and work with one of the largest collections, which are indistinguishable from the real thing (it's almost scary so real!). For this expo they created 3 stunning floral installations, and also in their shop you'll find our partnership expressed in some beautiful flower decorations.

Launch NFT Collection with d'ADAs

iAnnet & Chan, two rebellious artists from Amsterdam, smash into the world of digital fine art with the mesmerizing portrait collection d'ADAs. iAnnet & Chan are the purveyors of interactive fine art portraits in modern times. What Rembrandt did in 1625 in Amsterdam, the two artists reimagine 500 years later in the same city; to enlighten one’s face and personality through art. The portraits of iAnnet & Chan will not only remain on canvas, but will be immortalised on blockchain technology.

As a kick off iAnnet & Chan present d’ADAs, a collection of 1.111 unique handmade NFTs, which will be officially launched June 2023 on Cardano blockchain. With a special limited edition of 18 unique d’ADAs, iAnnet & Chan will pre-launched May 7th at Island Gallery. The challenge is to have a splendid mix of both physical art sales in the gallery and the digital art space of crypto art lovers, simultaneously. d’ADAs will set value for the first time and continue to grow in future.

Events during EXPO NO.2

Just as in EXPO NO.1, Island Gallery organizes several events during EXPO NO.2 for its engaged visitors and for art & design lovers in general, such as Art Talks, an Anthology of the works of Louis Couperus and a Master Class regarding NFT's. Next to these special events, Island Gallery is happy to receive you during the regular opening hours, from Thursdays till Sundays.

Island Gallery