In close cooperation with experts iAnnet and CHAN, Island Gallery organizes a Masterclass Art Web 3.0 specifically for artists & designers. This concerns a 1st introduction to this wondrous world and can be followed up with 3 in-depth, 90 minutes Modules. For 'our Islanders' we offer these extra modules with a special discount.

In Module 1 'Artist on the Block', iAnnet & CHAN will present you various user cases, explain how crypto marketplaces work, and teach you how to think in collections and the associated marketing.
In Module 2 'Good art is in the wallet of the beholder' you will learn how to create a Wallet. Also, iAnnet & CHAN will discuss crypto currencies and transactions (Web 3).
Last but not least, in Module 3 'FundaMental Change' you will learn how to enter the crypto market, followed by a specific explanation regarding the software marketplace.

Sunday, June 11

On Sunday, June 11 from 14 - 16 hours iAnnet & CHAN invite you to Island Gallery The Hague, to attend their Masterclass; a free of charge introduction of the NFT World - the gateway to the Metaverse. Of course, all this will be supported with drinks & bites. We always combine business with pleasure:- )

Interested in developing NFT's? Then this Masterclass is a must! Just click the button to sign up!

Island Gallery