Because of all expo’s, an opening expo should be sparkling, right? Because December should at all times be the most sparkling month of the year. But also because we are presenting a rather sparkling collection in EXPO NO.1. And that has everything to do with the many Swarovski crystals that a number of artists have been applied to the carefully curated art works,
THE ONE WITH THE SPARKLES honours the sparkling Swarovski crystal figurines commemorate the brand’s rich history and mastery. Let’s never forget, that Swarovski’s heritage and dedication to its craft still make people sparkle all around the world!

The sparkling Elizabeth Stuart by Carina Wagenaar

The campaign visual of EXPO NO.1 – THE ONE WITH THE SPARKLES was provided by artist Carina Wagenaar. Stories from long gone times are often a source of inspiration for Carina Wagenaar. That is also the case with this work she made, based on the life of royalty Elisabeth Stuart (1596-1662), daughter of James I - King of Scotland and later England - and Anna of Denmark, sister of Charles I. All details in this XXL Medallion refer to her life and experiences. For instance, the rings and carriage represent the event on Valentine’s Day, when she marries her lover Frederik V van de Palts with whom she experiences a more than sparkling wedding day in London.

Elizabeth Stuart was an important person in her time and also responsible for maintaining and expanding the style and allure of the nobility in The Hague’s Golden Age. At a young age she had become acquainted with the splendor of foreign court houses and loved theater and art, which she introduced to the Netherlands. Nevertheless, she sometimes drew the wrong cards, forcing her to flee with everything she had and being in exile in The Hague’s palace for more than 40 years. Looking back to her life, she spoke the words: “White is not cold at all, and I continue to radiate warmth at all times. Wherever I am, they will know I'm there, even though life isn't always easy. The joy of life was there early on and I want to keep that. I've come a long way, and I keep going. The sparkles are still there!”

Please, be invited to have a closer look at the XXL medallion Elizabeth Stuart, and see which sparkles you can discover. She will be our Queen of Hearts from the 1st of December until the 31st of March, or until she finds a new home.

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