Valerie Tura portret

French artist Valérie Tura started her career working in Paris for a renowned French manufacturer of bronze locks and door handles. During this time, she acquired an extensive knowledge of the art of traditional bronze castings and their fashioning into highly functional, yet beautiful hardware fixtures for doors and windows.
After she moved to the Netherlands, Valérie collaborated on several interior projects with experimented craftsmen and decided to utilize her expertise to engage more in the design and execution of door hardware for customized projects.
Her passion for bronze and noble materials inspired her to develop a new perspective on door handles and to create an exclusive collection with unique, signed and limited available pieces of art. These emotional objects reflect a little part of the home-owner soul.

The collection we curated for Island Gallery is noble and contemporary, minimalistic and elegant, simple and luxury minded. Designed to highlight luxury craftmanship and to help interior designers, art lovers and collectors to bring a touch of exception and audacity into a home decoration project.

Island Gallery