Tilly Zegers portret

In addition to her work as a costume designer, Tilly Zegers has taken a different direction with her “CouturedeMur”. In these handmade “costumes” she works exclusively with interior fabrics, often with wool in various colors and designs. The challenge and the art of processing this into an eye-catcher for the interior is certainly an expression in this form of wall decoration in which she can express all the passion and love for her profession.
These "portraits" of fabric are a process of sketching, measuring, cutting, preparing fabrics and stitching, with the final result being a perfectly fitting, neatly packaged work of art for the wall.
Her “CouturedeMur” bring warmth and connection to the interior and form a perfect counterpart to the often hard surfaces and materials in the home. Due to the use of color and wool, the large panels are not only decorative, but also have a sound-absorbing effect.

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