Although her exotic name suggests otherwise, Samira was born and raised in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Completely self-taught, in her abstract paintings she captures mysteries of what cannot be seen, yet is present. "Abstract art, in my mind, is intangible, pure intuition. It touches you emotionally in inexplicable ways and needs no explanation.”

Combining colors on canvas and releasing her creativity is an expression of her soul; something that has always been there, but was never expressed until only a few years ago.
As a young child, Samira was fascinated by mixing colors in outfits and everything related to interior design, fashion and styling. Also gold always had a huge appeal to her. “Gold is a beautiful natural product that exudes a certain allure.” Therefore, adding gold has become her signature.

Custom work is one of her specialties. Through the total picture she gets of the client in particular, as a person and its living environment, Samira looks at size, color and framing. “Art is so very personal. With this information I always come to a creation in which I can give shape to the clients wishes as well as to my creativity and inner experience.”

For the Island Collection, we curated several sizes of unique, spectacular paintings in various colors.

Island Gallery