Rianne van der Steen portret

Rianne van der Steen seldom was able to find designs that matched her personality. She wasn’t enthusiastic about the mediocre fashion collections designed for an average person that doesn’t really exist. Whom can you turn to when you would like to wear something special? To feel empowered you have to be able to express yourself.

Van der Steen has studied fashion in Rotterdam. She has gained work experience at iconic fashion houses such as Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Bruce Oldfield couture in London. She assisted them backstage at international fashion shows.

At her studio in Oss, Van der Steen combines her passion for creativity and skills in designing custom made statement pieces for her clients. Her passion is translating the wishes of her clients into colours, textures and cut. Her speciality are sophisticated shaped bustiers and eye catching long coats that empower women.

Van der Steen doesn’t want to participate in the existing (fast) fashion system. Designing the ultimate luxury designer piece for her clients on demand is a very inspiring and satisfying process. What can she design especially for you? What kind of distinctive design will make you stand out of the crowd? What eyecatcher would you like to wear?

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