Rep Ringel portret

A self-made man in every way and born and raised in the Netherlands into an artistic family. His mother, a graduated fashion designer, and his father, a poet gave him all the freedom to develop his creativity and to dive into his own artistic soul. Obviously this had, and still has a big influence on his life and career choices.

Always wanting to develop his talents further, influenced and inspired by music, fashion and design, Rep started to create art: large abstract paintings on canvas. The way he applies the acrylic paint on the canvas is rather unconventional. Every paining is made to the sounds of one specific song / track. Rep listens to these music pieces repeatedly while creating the art work. Translating all the layers heard in the music onto the canvas.

Recently, Rep started taking photos of his canvasses, initially to publish in his limited edition hardcover books. However whilst photographing, he found a different way of looking at his own work by zooming into details of his paintings and rediscovering the different layers all over again. The result is a series of photos that are alienated from their origin. The details are in a way not only a fragment of the painting but also represent one specific sound from the track that is connected with the original art work.

In close consultation with Rep, we curated limited edition photos from the ‘Silence’ series for the exclusive Island-Collection.

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