Nico Mastroprimiano portret

Extraordinary designs, shiny metal alloys in most various textures, most different Swarovski crystal elements in combination with sparkling pigments are the specialty of the Italian artist Nico Mastroprimiano and his artwork. Each unique art piece provides extraordinary and stunning radiance adding a special atmosphere to every room scene. Each unique in it's timeless beauty.

Looking for new representative, impressive and interesting subjects the young artist walked up to real skulls of water - and cape buffalo's. This luxurious combination of nature and art is the perfect choice. However, Nico is looking to extent his work even further. Cooperating with various partners in Holland and Germany, he is making headway towards interior design. New fascinating projects displaying the magic and mysterious combination of finest materials, radiating in magnificent gloom and electric illuminations. As long as it is new, unique and hits the spirit of the next generation.

Island Gallery