Monique van Laake portret

Monique is fascinated with life in general, and most intrigued by the human face; the smallest change in mimic can make a big difference in expression and meaning. She is always hunting for that energy or emotion to grasp an indefinable moment in a split of a second; something your brain picks up before anything else. “It is the subtle interaction between the photographer and the one being photographed. And hopefully, that results in a reflection that you do not see in the mirror. Photography gives me the freedom to speak without words. It is a way of relating and connecting to people and to see them in a different light.”

Even though a project starts with an idea, Monique usually ends up going off track and allow things to happen while going along. That can be experimenting with different characteristics. Basically, she tries to catch the sentiment of the light and the person at the moment. “I love the intuitive process while shooting as well as finalizing my art in post. It is inseparable from my art; it is my vision and signature.”

Island Gallery