Milan Noordhoek portret

With a few professional artists in the family of Milan, inspiration has always been close by. Nevertheless, being regarded as one of the most innovative and transformative young artists in The Netherlands of our time, he certainly made a flying start ‘entering the stage’.

In 2018 his commitment to the art scene was rewarded with the exclusive ambassadorship of the Amsterdam - All Acrylics brand and due to the transition in the art world, Milan entered the NFT world in 2021 with an exclusive partnership with Dutch NFT Drops. This did not go unnoticed by art lovers; the first drops sold out immediately.

All of his works, that he puts into the market under his label MilanTheArtist, are handmade and of museum quality. Energetic colors and the use of mixed media techniques are central to the artworks, which ensures that each piece radiates recognizability. Unprecedented combinations of techniques and materials form a rough but very detailed design, in which new images can be found every time.

After exhibiting in for instance New York and Dubai, a few carefully selected pieces of the flamboyant artist’s work are now also part of the Island Collection.

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