Kokke House portret

KOKKE House is a newly founded family business carrying a rich heritage of furniture, design and art.

"Our vision is to create functional, purposeful, and aesthetic interior environments, defined by a variety of timeless objects, art works and iconic design pieces. We believe strongly in a diverse, versatile and flexible interior. It is through the combination of unique pieces that one can find harmony and balance in any space or place of living.” - Romy Kokke

KOKKE House started with the release of the ICONS collection, which includes recognised and celebrated museum pieces from designer, Ruud-Jan Kokke. A series of these pieces are included in the collections of The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam as well as the MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Island Gallery is very proud to be the first gallery in the Netherlands presenting one of the limited edition of 50 pieces from the iconic F_21 series, 'Lapis'.

Island Gallery