Iris Nijenhuis portret

Iris Nijenhuis is an Amsterdam based fashion & product designer with a passion for experimental shapes and structures. Artisanal craftsmanship and innovative techniques go hand in hand in her work, which includes eye catching textile wearables and interior objects such as lampshades and wall panels. She has a penchant for old garments, utensils and furniture and when possible, she respectfully combines the old and the new.

During her graduation at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2011 she examined the potential of textiles and tried to give it constructive value, without the use of a sewing machine, stitches or glue. By experimenting with laser cutting, she developed a technique in which the fabric is cut into small puzzle pieces that form the basis of the design process. By connecting the puzzle pieces together manually, inspiring shapes and structures are created that can form various products.

Because her technique proved to be suitable for more wearable applications, and her intrinsic motivation is to create accessible items for the public to enjoy, she devoted the following years to developing an innovative and joyful jewellery collection.
Her clientele ranges from eccentric and outspoken women who wear bold colourful statement pieces, to world conquering businesswomen who prefer a more subtle, but distinct style.
For Island Gallery's EXPO NO.2 - THE ONE WITH THE FLOWERS - An ode to floral culture, we curated a number of limited edition wearables.

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