Before the small brush of the Dutch botanical artist Ingrid Elias touches the paper, an extensive study of all the details of the flower in question has taken place. Then, Ingrid creates the flower as she wants to present it to the art-loving public. When the drawing is completely finished, the flower can be transferred to special, stretched watercolor paper. That's where the real painting begins! Layer by layer, per part of the flower, slowly but surely (read: after about two hundred hours!) the work is created.

Logically, she is inspired by flowers, with their continuous change of shape and colour. The entire creation is meticulous and methodical. Working with the finest small brushes, Ingrid builds up her aquarel painting in many thin layers. A unique working method, that gives her the time to capture her subject as only she can.

We are therefore very pleased with the two works specially curated for EXPO NO.2 – THE ONE WITH THE FLOWERS!

Ingrid Elias portret

Island Gallery