Ilse Vorstenbosch portret

Ilse Vorstenbosch has been a passionate professional artist since 2010. She enjoys experimenting with different natural materials, which allows her to work freely without restrictions.
The vulnerability of life that is often expressed by most of the animal sculptures that she creates, evoke a captured emotion.

The transience of all living matter has always fascinated Ilse. "Tomorrow’s world is nothing like yesterday’s, everything is in motion and constantly changing. Whether you are human or an animal, a leaf, or a branch, in short, everything that has life, is subject to transience. The oxygen that makes us and the things around us grow, bloom, and come to life, along with the water needed for it, all of that is ultimately the cause of our eventual disappearance! The transience that brings an end to every life, but also forms the beginning of a new one. It is an endless cycle, a process that can only be accelerated or slowed down by us humans, but never stopped. An interesting theme that presents itself in all areas of our existence.
This theme manifests itself in my sculptures through the vulnerability that is radiated. The choice of special materials and natural colours form the foundation for an openness and lightness through which I let my sculptures speak, the vulnerability of all that lives is powerfully conveyed."

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