Gere Victor is a goldsmith and jewellery designer from Cape Town, South Africa.Expo 3 Geré Victor portret

Since 2022 he has scaled his jewellery to giant proportions to produce Adorn Pendants, a range of “Jewellery for your Home”. Each Adorn Pendant is a synergy between minerals (agate, selenite, marble, malachite, jet, rock crystal, lapis lazuli, turquoise, etc) and geometrical shapes in bronze that clasp and frame each jewelled element.

Adorn Pendants are all once-off, statement pieces. Some minerals are used in their natural state while others are polished, shaped into obelisks, tiles or discs. These jewels affirm the earth as the ultimate architect - forging symmetry, beauty and breathtaking colour out of random elements under incredible pressure over eons. Gere‘s art revolves around setting these architectural gems to best effect with the same techniques used by goldsmiths for thousands of years, but now at scale: Adorn Pendants don’t dangle from an ear or sparkle from a wrist, but cascade from ceiling to floor.

The healing properties of minerals radiate from these pendants. Take the cool whiteness of selenite as an example: it installs a deep peace that assists with judgement and insight. Hang these pendants in your home and experience how they clear blocked energy and promote peace and calm.

As with conventional jewellery, an Adorn Pendant will accessorise a room when placed in harmony with other objects in the space, or it can stand alone - preferably with another or even a third of its kind - as the sole attraction. Adorn your home!

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