Frans van Straaten portretFrans van Straaten was born in The Hague in 1963. He completed the teacher training course in Drawing and Crafts and graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts in Rotterdam in 1988. He has been making bronze statues for 35 years. The development he has undergone as a visual artist is strong, surprising and clearly recognizable. His way of sculpting is incomparable. Power and movement are words that characterize his work.

Frans draws inspiration for his work from the art of dance, but he is also inspired by the ancient Egyptians, where shapes are sleek and monumental and the details are perfect. The Renaissance also fascinates him. Like Leonardo da Vinci with his versatility and his intrinsic energy, where his works of art, as it were, arise from a tranquil emotion. He finds the opposite in Michelangelo's expressiveness with grand movements and lots of dynamics.

His collection consists of more than 400 bronze statues, which vary in height from a few centimeters to almost four meters. For the sake of exclusivity, statues are only cast in limited editions.

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