Doc Visser portret

Doc Visser is a designer with a great fascination for glassware. The Hungarian artist Sipek once persuaded Doc to start making glassware himself, but from a more graphic approach. Therefore, Doc is constantly on the lookout for unique combinations of materials, colors and design language. He uses clean shapes - round or straight - and his works are mouth blown, purely in the basic colors yellow, red, blue, white or black.

As a designer, he experiments with these elements until a surprise arises. An unexpected effect of light and shape that you can't imagine but yet, is suddenly there.
He is inspired by shapes he encounters in everyday life, which range from a toilet roll to a massive tree. These simple subjects give his works a no-nonsense appearance.

He has been working with Gert Bullee master glassblower for years. A very fruitful collaboration where there is plenty of scope for each other’s creativity.

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