CHAN portret

CHAN is a world in itself. And she knew that, ever since she was little. At the age of 16, she left the countryside behind for a, let’s just say 'more vibrant life' in the city of Amsterdam; to explore her talents and to develop herself as a human being. ‘Be who you want to be’ is her life motto. Why put labels on one another? Why judge each other?

Today, CHAN is making a name for herself worldwide with her edgy, dark and sexy portraits. These portraits come alive through her fashion brand CHAN ARTWEAR. Her art appears not only on walls but also on people’s skin and surface. Every project tells a story with a social or personal statement.

With her unique way of how she envisions life, she captures essential moments in a mysterious way, which – with a limited number of both photography and artwear pieces – we in turn caught in our exclusive Island-Collection.

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