Carina Wagenaar portret

With the art of her grandfather and painter Hendrik Pieterse around her, the love for art, fashion and design was instilled in her at an early age and further formed after her education in textile design and art history.

She has been creating the medallion artworks since 2014, after looking for her own art form in which several areas of interest could merge. Each medallion tells a unique story. This can be a historical story such as a modern fairy tale or a current social story. Sometimes autobiographical and sometimes fictional. But the viewer is always challenged to look carefully at the smallest details.

After she was nominated by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam for her work 'Letters to Theo' in 2015 - inspired by the painting 'the Bedroom' - various exhibitions in leading galleries and high-profile events followed, including in Milan, New York, Paris, Dubai, Antwerp, London and The Hague.

In 2020 her work was awarded and Carina was named 'Most Innovative Object D'Art Interior Decor Artist 2020' by the Build Architecture Awards. It is the ambition of Build Architecture Awards to recognize and reward the works of the world's most innovative, imaginative and dedicated designers and architects. We are therefore very proud with her carefully selected medallions for the Island Collection.

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