Baroqco portret

It was during the preparations of their wedding, that in Paris Imelda and Eduardo Liem found themselves walking through Place Vendôme and unexpectedly falling deeply in love for the exquisite jewelry that was displayed. Since then, a strong burning desire arose to express this powerful creative energy and share that with people who would like to experience these feelings they felt at that special place.

BAROQCO was born. They decided, instead of buying jewelry, they would start developing jewels themselves. And it is to this day, that they bring this feeling to life in any design that is created in the spirit of BAROQCO.
Their vision is to portray the deepest essence of the beauty of women to the world. They do this by designing timeless high-end luxury jewelry and, within that process, seeking the limits of human creativity.

Taking a look at their Instagram account for instance, you’ll immediately notice that the collections of BAROQCO are embraced by celebrities, high-end fashion labels and leading media worldwide. Therefore, we are very proud of the fact that Island Gallery exclusively represents BAROQCO in The Netherlands and that we carefully curated some stunning jewelry pieces for the unique Island Collection.

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