Alexa Thelen portret

“For me, art is a visual companion from the mind to the feelings or also a form of communication with the unconscious.”

Alexa Thelen-van den Hoek discovered painting late. She received the finishing touches at the European Art Academy in Trier, where she still draws inspiration today. In the first years she focused almost exclusively on commissioned paintings, but now she works around a theme. For her, the process of developing a concept and finding the associated symbols, media, shapes and colors is just as important and attractive as the execution itself.

One of her first projects was "The presuppositions of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) - artistic interpretations ". This was followed by some paintings on "Rough Beauty and Aesthetics of Decay and Destruction" and on "Essences".

Her current works represent her own perspectives and aspects of the subject of monarchy: "Unleashing a new subject and discovering and imagining the multitude of possibilities within it fascinates me again and again."

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