Stephanie, a powerful self-made woman of German origin, started her career about 20 years ago at the French Côte d'Azur. There, in the heart of the Flower Riviera, she developed her fascination for painting, followed her painting training and started working with acrylic paint on canvas.
About 3 years ago, Stephanie discovered the medium of alcohol ink, with which she developed a unique and virtually unknown technique.

Her work, released under the name StephArts, is very recognizable due to the play of soft flowing shapes, bright colors and the use of gold or bronze. Stephanie's strength and energy clearly speaks from all her work, this is also how she stands in life and also the message of her art for the viewer.

Today, Stephanie is an established artist who exhibits and sells to private individuals and companies both in the Netherlands and abroad. For the Island Collection, we curated several high quality epoxy paintings with gold effects in different shapes.

Sunday, May 21

On Sunday, May 21 from 14 - 16 hours Stephanie invites you to attend her Art Talk, in which she tells about her art works, the making of, what inspires her and what message she likes to give to art lovers and her clients. During the Art Talk Stephanie will be addressing topics such as how to best choose a unique artpiece and how to integrate this in the rest of the interior. We will be talking about tailor-made art and how to increase the value of an artwork. Get to know 'storytelling art' and get some tips on how to train your eyes to really see the artist’s work. All this will be supported by a guided tour by the Gallery Manager, and of course some drinks & bites.

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