Teun Anders portret

When you are fortunate enough to meet Teun Anders in his own habitat, as we were, you see how he - as a visual artist - has been 'working' for years on an extensive and diverse oeuvre. He once said in an interview: “An artist is always trying to surprise himself. I'm always searching, trying out things, and constantly messing around with all kinds of materials. Everything is useful.” His living- and working environment bears witness to this.

In a previous life, Anders joined the Art Directors Club’s Hall of Fame in The Netherlands in 2009 with his internationally leading branding and design agency VBAT as a 'non-advertising person'. He obviously is an outstanding concept thinker, and in the 1980s, for example, he devised the world-famous Bijenkorf’s autumn campaign 'Drie Dwaze Dagen'.

Together with his soul mate and photographer Monique van Laake, he forms the creative duo MOET. Therefore, for the Island Collection, we curated an extraordinary mixed media installation, which includes Monique's work.

Island Gallery