Piet Prins portret

Piet Prins attended the New Academy in Utrecht until 1982. He is a creator of images with a predilection for photography. He has followed the development of photography closely and by using modern techniques. Holding onto the transient is the means of expression for Piet Prins. He also started photographing mannequins 15 years ago. These mannequins have slowly disappeared from the streets and the ones that are still there now have a gender-neutral appearance. That is to say that there are no more facial expressions on these mannequins. Piet Prins tries to bring this back to life in an artistic way.

The digital age has revolutionized photography. Despite there is still a growing community of analogue photography. Piet Prins is using digital techniques to create works of art that make them unique and sometimes expressive. He can use this technique to manipulate photos by transforming them into surrealistic compositions.

For Island Gallery's EXPO NO.2 - THE ONE WITH THE FLOWERS - An ode to floral culture, we curated a number of beautiful artworks.

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